Caroline Lucas visits BHT Sussex

BHT Sussex recently welcomed our friend and long-time supporter Caroline Lucas, as well as her colleague Liz Collis, to our office, where the two met with David Chaffey, our Chief Executive Officer, and Daniel O’Connell, Head of HR and Learning & Development.
David Chaffey with Caroline Lucas.

Caroline engaged in a wide-ranging discussion about housing and homelessness, mental health, the role of the police, government policy, environmental issues, and housing advice. Caroline also championed the wonderful work our staff do across the organisation.

As a dedicated supporter of BHT Sussex, Caroline continues to lobby for our Make Work Pay for Everyone campaign, and also recently helped secure government energy payments for our tenants at Richard’s Yard, who were initially ineligible.

Daniel O’Connell, David Chaffey with Caroline Lucas.

Since Caroline is due to step down from her position as leader of the Green Party soon, we have arranged to meet her successor, Sian Berry, at a later stage to continue our partnership.

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