Improving our website accessibility

We have recently made some changes to the BHT Sussex website to further improve accessibility.

People who have hearing, visual and certain other physical and cognitive impairments can find it all but impossible to use many websites. Even though a person may be set up on their end with all the necessary hardware needed to translate content into a format that they can use, if a given site is not set up to be accessible then they will not be able to use the site.

There are many things we do to make our website as accessible as possible. These include using a consistent layout and structure, appropriate colour limits and contrasts, and simple concise English. We provide multiple contact options and web content is keyboard accessible, so that a mouse is not needed. We help screen readers to navigate the site correctly in several ways, for example by using a fully semantic structure and utilising headings correctly.

More recently we have installed an accessibility ‘plugin’ on the website. This provides a quick and simple way of adjusting contrast, colour, text size and fonts across all our web content. You can use this tool by clicking on the orange icon which is at the top left of the screen.

A Google Translate widget has also been added, which can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top left of screen. This means that the entire website can be translated into any of 60 languages at the click of a button.

We want to advance inclusion in all aspects of our work, and always welcome ideas for how our accessibility can be improved. You can read our full website accessibility statement here. 

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