More funds for Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme

BHT Sussex has received Home Office Funding to expand the High Harm Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme.

The Government has announced that Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne has been awarded £1.34m funding from the Home Office Domestic Abuse & Stalking Perpetrator fund.

This funding will support the ongoing efforts of the Sussex Complex Domestic Abuse and Stalking Unit, in partnership with several local agencies, to enhance the High Harm Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme. The primary objective of this initiative is to minimise the harm inflicted by perpetrators of domestic abuse, and further explore effective strategies for supporting offenders with complex needs.

The ground-breaking programme – established by the Sussex PCC in 2021 – brings together Sussex Police, mental health workers, drug & alcohol specialists and offender management caseworkers to uncover and address the reasons why perpetrators commit these crimes.

Recent audit findings from the Programme pilot have demonstrated significant progress in reducing harm in terms of police involvement, through practical support around mental health, substance misuse, proactive offender management and behaviour change work.

BHT Sussex will receive two-year funding to employ a Psychotherapist and Specialist Mental Health Worker, to work alongside other professionals within the team, to undertake assessments and deliver a range of therapy options and support access to specialist mental health services. The postholder will provide a flexible and tailored offer around cognitive behaviour change to increase the take up and long-term impact of the program.

Rachael Kenny, Director of Mental Health and Support Services at BHT Sussex, said:

BHT Sussex is pleased to continue our work with the Sussex Police, delivering the specialist mental health aspect of their ground-breaking work to address high-harm domestic abuse.

This multi-agency programme provides support and interventions to both the survivors and perpetrators of abuse and continues our commitment to working collaboratively to develop new responses with and for people experiencing trauma and who have complex needs.

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:

Securing this additional funding means that we can continue to spearhead on this important, specialist programme.

We know that crimes such as domestic abuse and stalking are often complex and layered so it is vital we continue to build on programmes that shape attitudinal and behavioural change whilst supporting victims.

Perpetrators must be held accountable for their actions and provided pathways for change. The funding will allow us to build upon our current expertise as we grow our programme even further, increasing and sustaining safety for victims.

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