We support the #PlanForHousing campaign

It is no secret that the UK is in the middle of a housing crisis, which is why we are supporting the #PlanForHousing campaign run by the National Housing Federation.
BHT Sussex Chief Executive, David Chaffey, a white man in his early 60s, supports the #PlanForHousing campaign by holding a light red campaign placard that reads '#PlanForHousing to fix the housing crisis'.
BHT Sussex Chief Executive, David Chaffey, supporting the #PlanForHousing campaign.

The #PlanForHousing campaign is calling on the next government to have a pragmatic and thorough plan to solve the housing crisis, no matter who is in power. The campaign has six key asks:

  1. End child homelessness.
  2. Halve overcrowding.
  3. Provide the security of a social home for one million more people.
  4. Ensure a warm and decent home for seven million more families.
  5. Improve affordability.
  6. Boost productivity by ensuring every region has the homes it needs to grow.

BHT Sussex provides social housing and is a member of the National Housing Federation. As a social landlord, we provided 481 households and individuals across Sussex with community housing in the year to 31st March 2024.

The areas where we work in the South East are being particularly affected by the housing crisis with 2,764 households currently in temporary accommodation and 10,323 people on the social housing waiting lists across Brighton & Hove, Crawley, Eastbourne, Hastings and Mid Sussex. There is a lack of affordable housing in these areas, with the average property price ranging from £324,798 in Hastings, to £524,273 in Brighton & Hove. (Source: The National Housing Federation).

We want to work in collaboration with the next government to end the housing crisis and meet the long term plan above.

Find out more about the #PlanForHousing campaign here. You can also follow us on social media for updates: Facebook, Twitter/X or Instagram.

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