Addiction Services

BHT’s Addiction services projects work across Brighton & Hove across the addiction pathway and consist of three services:

Detox Support


Move On

Detox Support

Detox Support Project

BHT’s Detox Support Project provides safe accommodation and a programme of support for men and women undergoing a medically supervised eight to 12 week drug detox programme to achieve abstinence.

The service does not provide an alcohol detox, so if clients require one, the care coordinator will arrange for this to take place prior to starting the Detox Support project

The service aims to achieve on-going abstinence and prevent homelessness by providing support to enable clients to achieve healthy independent living.

Clients will learn the specific recovery skills needed to manage cravings as they are detoxing, communicate safely with others and to maintain motivation during and after detox until they progress to BHT’s Recovery project.

How to apply

People interested in accessing the Detox Support Project are invited to attend our weekly drop-in session, at 5 Egremont Place, from 2pm to 3pm every Tuesday.

All referrals are via the Brighton and Hove gateway service, Pavilions Partnership, based at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton, BN2 3RL, telephone 01273 731900.

You will need to contact Pavilions to arrange a comprehensive assessment before admission.

Please tell the worker you speak to that you want to be referred to BHT’s Detox Support Project.

Contact details

01273 604245

8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday


Click here to email BHT’s Detox Support Project

Write to us

5 Egremont Place, Brighton, BN2 0GA

Recovery Project

BHT’s Recovery Project aims to support clients to achieve healthy independent living free from alcohol and drugs.

The service provides safe housing and a rehabilitation programme to enable residents to sustain abstinence and rebuild their lives following addiction.

We explore the individual circumstances of each client in order to prevent relapse and prepare clients for the Move On stage of recovery, enabling them to reintegrate further into the community, take part in education, training and work, and lead a healthier life free of alcohol, drugs and crime.

People interested in accessing the Recovery Project are invited to attend our weekly drop-in session, at 10 Ditchling Rise, from 3pm to 4pm every Monday.

How to apply – for drugs clients

If you are still using you will need to have a detox and, if possible, spend some time in BHT’s Detox Support Project.

You should approach the Brighton and Hove gateway service, Pavilions Partnership, at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton, BN2 3RL or telephone Pavilions on 01273 731900 to arrange a comprehensive assessment.

Please tell the worker you speak to that you want to be referred to the Detox Support Project, or, if you are already alcohol and drug free, the Recovery Project.

How to apply – for alcohol clients

Contact Pavilions Partnership at 9 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JE or phone Pavilions on 01273 680714 to arrange a comprehensive assessment. Please tell the worker you speak to that you want to be referred to the Recovery Project.

Contact details

01273 604245

8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday


Click here to email BHT’s Recovery Project

Write to us:

10 Ditchling Rise, Brighton, BN1 4QL

Move On

The BHT Move On Project provides safe and supported move on accommodation for men and women who have been through a rehabilitation programme or have experience of recovery and meet the criteria of the project.

Priority is given to those who are completing the programme offered by BHT’s Recovery Project.

Residents are required to remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs during their stay, as is active engagement in education, training or employment activities.

How to apply

Anyone wishing to enter the BHT Move On Project must:

  • be committed to total abstinence
  • be committed to go to and take part in regular NA and/ AA meetings
  • be willing to engage with the support offered.
  • have a local connection to Brighton and Hove
  • be three months abstinent, and have some experience of treatment and/or recovery.

You can refer yourself or be referred by someone by calling 01273 645414

Contact details

01273 645414


Click here to email BHT’s Move On project

Real Life Story

Feedback on the service from the mother of a former resident at BHT’s Detox Support project:

Our son had been rootless and at the mercy of addictions for 10 years when he engaged with BHT, first through the Detox Support Project and now he is about half way through the rehab phase at the Recovery Project.

Now that he seems well on the road to recovery it is like having a new son – or someone come back to life – and capable to relating to us in a responsible and loving way. We no longer live in anticipation of another phone call from another A&E or news of more contact with the police.

The support he received while coming off methadone – and the respect shown to him by the staff – was in marked contrast to his experience in other establishments in the UK and abroad.

We are very impressed by the way in which our son has been helped to look into some of the factors that have most likely predisposed him to using drugs and alcohol – and to face up to the consequences for himself and those around him.

A shadow has been lifted from our lives and, while we never lost hope and always believed in our son, we never quite knew what form the path away from addiction would take.

We believe that, thanks to the help he has received, he has a really good chance of putting the lost years behind him, becoming comfortable with himself and making the best of his talents. He can now, once again, become a real part of the family he left in his teenage years.

Real Life Story

Before coming into Detox Project I was using heavy and drinking heavy. I had been homeless for a few years and I was committing crime to feed my habit and feed myself. I’ve never had a structured lifestyle. I was in a relationship for two years that ended with me getting a restraining order against me and not being allowed contact with my son and my stepson.

I also got probation because of the stuff I did while being in the relationship. I had no family to look out for me when I was using – only a friend that wasn’t really a friend because he supplied my drugs. I had two fits while smoking seven grams a day of legal highs I then knew I had to do something so I went to CRI and asked for help. I couldn’t go on living and using the way I did so they suggested I go into detox. So I agreed and went into the Detox Support Project.

It was hard at first as they had a structure that I wasn’t used to but it got easier within a week of being there. My experience of the Detox Support Project was amazing. The support and love I got was what I needed. The boundaries were strong and the daily planning was really helpful.

I was there for six weeks and each day just got better and better. Then I became clean and stayed a further week to build myself up for the Recovery Project. When the day came to move on to the next stage of my life, I was grateful to DSP and emotional. The day came to move down to the Recovery Project and, wow, when I moved in it was the best thing to ever have happened to me. I fitted in straight away. I’ve got amazing house peers and supportive staff, strong daily structure and strong boundaries.

I think it’s amazing to start off on primary boundaries because it keeps you safe. With the Project, the groups are very helpful and help me out when I have bad days and when I’m feeling down. Here and now I feel amazing and more healthy. My confidence has built up dramatically. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I now know how to share my thoughts and feelings and when I get a craving I instantly share it with my peers.

I’ve got two commitments at two different (fellowship) meetings as a male greeter and it’s just so nice meeting new people and being down the Project. I’ve got my life back to normal and back on track. I’m so grateful to be here and being well again. I’ve also learned how to budget my money properly and matured into a young man.


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