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First Base Day Centre

First Base Day Centre As the financial crisis deepens and the welfare benefit cuts begin to take effect, more and more people are facing the possibility that they might become homeless.

First Base offers a range of services to support people who are sleeping rough or insecurely housed in the city, to get off the streets, start realising their aspirations through work, learning and leisure and find a place they can call home.

We provide a centre of excellence for our partners in the city ensuring that by working together we can improve health, reduce crime and realise opportunity.

First Base Day CentreWe run lots of services from First Base including:

  • Healthy Lifestyles Project
  • PASH (Promotional and Awareness of Sexual Health)
  • First Impressions (CV and Employment Service)
  • Culture (Heritage and Cultural Activities)
  • Dine, our catering Social Enterprise company

First Base Day CentreWe also work in partnership with other agencies to provide a range of services for our clients including:

  • Dentistry
  • Podiatry
  • A nurse
  • Mental health advice and support
  • Accommodation and relocation services.
How to apply

First Base is an ‘open door’ day centre which means that anyone can use the service at certain times without the need of a referral. However, the early morning sessions are for rough sleepers only, referred by the Street Services Outreach Team.

First Base Day Centre opening times

Rough Sleepers session: 8am – 11am, Monday – Friday

Activity sessions: 11am – 1pm, Monday – Friday

Offices close: 3.30pm

Contact details

St Stephen’s Hall, Montpelier Place, Brighton, BN1 3BF

01273 326844

Please click here to email First Base Day Centre

Real Life Story

Barry was a 50 year old man who lived in privately rented accommodation. He worked as a construction worker and had always found finding work easy.

But when Barry’s job came to an end he struggled to find a new job/. Building work was slow and for the first time, barry couldn’t find a job. Barry decided to move to Brighton where he had worked before and felt confident that he would be able to find work again.

For some weeks Barry stayed in a bed and breakfast while he looked for work. He was using his savings to fund the B and B but eventually his savings ran out and he was left with no other choice but to sleep in his car.

It was the middle of the winter and the temperatures where below freezing at night and Barry suffered tremendously with the cold.

He kept looking for work and hoped that his luck would change but as his health deteriorated due to the cold weather and the lack of warmth, the more he struggled and eventually he became very ill with a respiratory infection which left him in hospital.

When Barry was strong enough, he was discharged from the hospital back into the freezing temperatures and nowhere to call home but his car. He remembers feeling desperately scared and alone.

Barry didn’t know where to turn for help. He went to a library to keep warm and asked someone there about local services that could help him and was directed to First Base.

As the temperatures at this time were very low, First Base was operating the emergency cold weather shelter provision and were able to offer Barry a bed for the night. Barry felt a huge sense of relief at the thought of a warm bed and some food and support.

Whilst Barry was at First Base he was able to talk to a case worker who discovered he wasn’t claiming any benefits and was living off very little money each day to survive. Barry had felt so ashamed about his situation and hadn’t wanted to ask for the help but realised that he depeerately needed help to gte back on his feet again.

His case worker helped him to make a claim for job seekers allowance and made him an appointment to see the private rented sector solutions team at BHT.

He attended some training courses and was able to use the computers at First Base to send and receive emails about future accommodation. Eventually a property became available and Barry was quite simply over the moon.

The long, cold, lonely nights are far behind him now and he can concentrate on getting back into work and moving on from homelessness.

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