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pash_logo_254_2016_w300PASH (Promotion, Awareness and Support on Sexual Health) works with people who are homeless and insecurely housed in Brighton and Hove to promote better sexual health and improve access to sexual health services.

PASH is a confidential and non-judgemental sexual health service that works with people from BHT’s First Base Day Centre (where it is based) and people living in hostels and other locations around the city.

The project improves the sexual health of clients accessing the service by: 

  • providing advice and education about safer sex practices and sexual health issues
  • supporting people to undertake sexual health screening for sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses (including Hepatitis B, C and HIV)
  • supporting people to access chlamydia screening
  • arranging vaccination for Hepatitis B
  • promoting the Brighton and Hove C-Card (condom card)
  • promoting condom and other contraception use including LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception)
  • distributing condoms, lube, internal condoms (Femidoms) and dams
  • providing support to people with enduring sexual health conditions to access sexual health services

Please click here for a map of the services that work in partnership with PASH

Please click here for information about the sexual health services available in Brighton

Contact details

If you are homeless or insecurely housed and would like some information or support from PASH:

Please contact Kevin on 01273 326844 (weekdays), or

Click here to send PASH an email

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Real Life Story

K was living in a hostel for people who are homeless and came to a PASH drop-in held at her hostel. She was very concerned that she may have picked up an infection up from a time in her life when she was using drugs and having unsafe sex.

K had no idea about sexual health services that were available or how they could help. PASH talked her through the sexual health services that are available and helped to arrange a sexual health screening for her at the local clinic. K was very nervous about going to the clinic so the PASH worker attended with her.

A couple of weeks after the screening K received the results from the clinic and was extremely relieved to find that everything was all clear. PASH then worked with K to make sure that she knew how to protect herself in the future and reduce the risks to herself and others.

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