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Lighthouse winter issue hot off the press


The winter Housing Services newsletter, ‘Lighthouse’ is out now and available in print and screen versions.
In this issue we have articles on how to reduce your winter fuel bills, information on local activities over the Christmas period in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings; introducing the tenants’ charter, highlights from the tenants’ focus groups, how well Housing Services are performing, announcing the major works programme, promoting the Green Inspectors opportunity and a Christmas quiz.



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Annual tenants’ snapshot survey launched

BHT has launched its annual tenant snapshot survey this week, with a paper version sent to tenants in the post.

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us as they can help us to improve services. If you wish to include your name and address
on the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning one of our two fantastic prizes of a £50 shopping voucher.

You may also contact BHT Housing Services on 01323 340018 if you have any queries about completing this survey.

The closing date is Friday 1 December.

To complete the survey, please click the link below:

Tenant Snapshot Survey




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Interested in becoming a Dementia friend or taking a Level 2 Food Hygiene course?

BHT tenants are invited to two new free SETUP courses.

The first is ‘Becoming a Dementia friend’ which is being held on Wed 18th October 10.30am-12.30pm at Langley Community Centre, Eastbourne.  Come along and find out how you can make a difference. You will learn a bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turn that understanding into action. Anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend and the small ways you can help.

The second course is ‘Level 2 Food Hygiene’ which is being held on Tue 14th November 10am-4pm at The Orangery, Bexhill-On-Sea. This course is for anyone who prepares or handles food and will help you to develop knowledge of food hygiene principles and to train you to the nationally-required safety level. The topics covered will include food poisoning, cleaning, refuse, pest control, health & safety, safe food handling, HACCP, food safety risk assessments, COSHH, legislation, licensing and more.

To book your place please contact Juliet O’Brien, Tenant and Client Involvement Coordinator on 01273 645443 or email Juliet

Travel expenses will be reimbursed by BHT with a valid train or bus ticket or if or wish to travel by car at a rate of 45p per mile.

For more information on both courses click here:

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Focus group opportunities for BHT tenants

Come and share your views, opinions and suggestions for improvement at one of our focus groups.

In October and November we will be holding a series of tenant focus groups focusing on different areas of our services.
Your feedback and suggestions will then be used to help improve our services.

Dates for the focus groups are as follows: 

  • Tue 17th October 2-4pm                           What is your experience of Repairs?
  • Thur 9th November 10-12 noon              What is your experience of the Complaints procedure?


All those taking part will receive a £20 shopping voucher and travel expenses will be reimbursed. Light snacks and drinks will be provided on the day.

For more information call Juliet O’Brien on 01273 645443 or  email Juliet



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Interested in fundraising for community events?

BHT Tenants are invited to a free ‘Fundraising for community events’ SETUP course on Wed 27th September. It’s being held at Uckfield civic centre 10am-2.30pm with lunch included.

To book your place please contact Juliet O’Brien, Tenant and Client Involvement coordinator on
01273 64443 or email Juliet

Travel expenses will be reimbursed by BHT with a valid train or bus ticket or if you wish to travel by car
at a rate of 45p per mile. The closing date is 20th September.

For more information click here:  SETUP community fundraising course




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LGBTQ Focus Group Opportunity

Independent researchers at the University of Surrey have been commissioned to conduct a study called HomeSAFE: Engaging and exploring LGBT*Q tenant experiences, concerns and preferences about social housing.

The researchers are looking for people aged 18 and over, who rent their accommodation from a housing association or local council, to take part in either a focus group (taking place in London on 8th August 17:30-19:30) or an interview in your home – or local centre or similar venue, if preferred. If you would like to, you may participate in both. As recognition of our appreciation for the time and effort involved in your participation you will receive:

  • A £25 multipurpose gift voucher for the focus group and £30 travel expenses
  • £50 gift voucher for participating in both focus groups and inteview

The aim of the HomeSAFE study is to find out more about the experiences and views of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and Questioning LGBT*Q tenants in relation to their home and their landlord. The project will use three different ways (focus groups interviews, survey) to collect information from people who live in social housing. By social housing we mean accommodation which is owned and managed by a housing association or local authority (the council).

To find out more or to register your interest

Please click here to register your interest in the LGBTQ focus group

or call Frances on 07895 656222.

To complete the online LGBTQ survey

Please click here to fill in the LGBTQ survey

Alternatively if you wish to request a paper copy of the survey, please call Frances on 07895 656222. You will be given the option of being entered for a prize draw upon completing the survey. The winner, drawn at random on the 30th September 2017, will receive a £50 voucher.

For more information email Juliet or call on 01273 645443.

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