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Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

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BHT Mental Health and Wellbeing services work throughout Brighton and Hove in outreach and within our centrally located offices.

People come to us experiencing a wide range of challenges, including anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, post-natal depression, bereavement and loss.

BHT Mental Health & Wellbeing Services in partnership with BHT Threshold Women’s Services and Right Here Brighton & Hove aim to support people to improve and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.

We understand that there are points in people’s lives where they need support to build resilience and to make improvements to their wellbeing. We believe that we can improve outcomes for people experiencing mental health challenges through high quality services that are equally accessible to all.

We offer a variety of activities that help people to learn ways to manage the changes and challenges they may be facing:

  1. One to one resilience building sessions with trained counsellors
  2. Wellbeing groups facilitated by trained counsellors
  3. Practical life-skills workshops in partnership with outside agencies
  4. Practical advice and signposting with a dedicated caseworker
  5. Peer led groups, workshops and activities
  6. Peer Support Volunteer Training Programme
  7. Women only counselling and drop in provided by Threshold Women’s Services
How to apply

Please download our referral form and send it to BHT Mental Health & Wellbeing Services or via email

Downloadable information

Click here to download our latest Service Activities Calendar
Click here or to your right to download a copy of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Services service leaflet (PDF, 284kb)

Contact details

27 – 29 North Street



01273 929471

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Real Life Stories

…it’s been a safe environment to acknowledge my feelings, to cry and not feel overwhelmed. To embrace who I am and find a different way to react in different situations in front of and towards my children…

Such dedicated non-judgemental, patient support. Thank you for holding the therapeutic space when it’s been dark and frightening. The service is brilliant and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to start my new journey in such a safe space. Thank you.

…has helped me to help myself and grow in self confidence.  In turn, I have been able to support one daughter through depression and the other to deal with health and anxiety…

I was too scared to leave the house. I hadn’t left in years. My wildest expectations have been met… I’m alive!

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