Brodie Hall

Operational Manager, Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service

Prior to working with BHT Sussex I had worked mainly in nursing homes and operating theatres, with a brief stint printing people’s photos and making their fun photo gifts in Snappy Snaps.

I worked my first shift at BHT Sussex in 2004, as an agency worker in one of our mental health projects. I liked the work and the people, so left the employment agency and applied for a mental health support worker role, which I did for 11 years. In 2016 I moved on to another BHT Sussex mental health project as deputy manager, then carried on there as operational manager for a further 5 years. I then chose to try something a bit different so was seconded to another project as Career Coach supporting economically inactive people into work and learning. I am currently manager of our Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service.

In my opinion, one of the best things about BHT Sussex, is our Employability and Skills Placement Programme. This enables people who have used our services to complete a 6-month placement and then potentially become an employee in that service, or another. I feel this adds so much value to our organisation and an extra layer of credibility to our work from the perspective of both those who use our services, as well as those who work in them.

I appreciate that I’m able to attend a diverse range of working groups, this gives me an insight into other people’s roles and gives the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the organisation.

In my experience, BHT Sussex managers encourage and support people to try new things, stretch outside of what feels comfortable and listen to ideas for improvements to our services, this makes people feel valued and included and is why a lot of people choose to stay!

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