Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

As BHT Sussex has more than 250 employees, we are required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report.

The overall average hourly wage calculation showed that our female staff are paid £0.33 less per hour than our male staff, a gap of 2.25%. When comparing median hourly pay, female’s hourly pay is 0.6% higher than men’s. BHT Sussex does not make any bonus payments. Therefore, no additional reporting is required.

Our data snapshot was taken in April 2023 and shows that our workforce is made up of 67% female staff and 33% male staff.

Our overall result does not show a significant gender pay gap between females and males. The quartile analysis in the full report shows that there are small differences which we plan to keep under review.

In addition, we will continue seeking to improve and support the aspirations of our staff and we are committed to ensuring that there is a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion, and this is reflected in our values, mission statement and what we do.


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