Community Day Improves St Leonards Property

The garden and environment of a block of flats has undergone a facelift thanks to a joint effort by its tenants, the landlord, contractors and a grounds maintenance company.

Baird House in Chapel Park Road, St Leonards, has had the undergrowth cleared, new fences erected, and measures taken to reduce anti-social behaviour.  Baird House is owned by BHT  having formerly been run by Hastings Community Housing Association before the two organisations merged in 2008.

Grounds maintenance contractors, Groundscapes, cut back undergrowth where drinkers had begun to congregate, and BHT staff working with its contractors GMS erected a fence to stop access from a neighbouring derelict property.

Housing management staff from BHT organised the event to encourage tenants to engage in the clean-up day, meet staff and spend time with their neighbours with around half of the 28 tenants doing so.  BHT plans further community days at the 83 homes they own in Hastings and St Leonards.

It was wonderful to have so many tenants join my colleagues and me to make the day so successful. We achieved so much and have come up with ideas for future activities and improvements.

BHT’s Hastings Housing Officer, Carey-Ann Burt

We aim to achieve the highest standards of service to our tenants and we invest large sums of money each year to maintain and improve our homes.

BHT’s Director of Housing and Property Services, David Chaffey

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