Event to launch Systems Change report – sign up now!

This month we are launching an exciting new report, ‘Ripple Effect: A Guide to Systems Change with Fulfilling Lives South East’ and you can register now to attend a launch webinar on 26 or 28 April.

Achieving systems change is at the heart of Fulfilling Lives South East, a programme led by BHT Sussex and supported by a number of partners, which has been running for the past eight years. Join us as we launch our impact report to outline how we have approached putting systems change theory into practice.

People with Multiple and Complex Needs (MCN) often face barriers to receiving effective support because of the way systems and services are designed and delivered, and shockingly the average life expectancy of people with MCN is 51% less than the general population. The more complex a person’s needs are, the more unlikely that these needs are met by support systems. In this report we draw on the huge wealth of experience gained through the programme and share what systems change methods can be used to achieve better outcomes for those experiencing MCN.

We will be running the launch webinar twice to help as many people as possible attend. This event will run on the following dates/times:

• Tuesday 26 April 2022, 10-11.30am. Sign up here 

• Thursday 28 April 2022, 10-11.30am. Sign up here

About this event

How do we instigate, nurture, and achieve systems change? How do we build momentum and shift systems that were previously thought to be too fixed or too big? What systems change methods can be used to achieve better outcomes for those experiencing multiple and complex needs (MCN)?

Join us as we unpack these questions and demonstrate the impact and legacy of the project’s systems change work over the last eight years, whilst highlighting the importance of working together in partnership.

We will also share how we put systems change into practice and draw attention to where we feel support systems still need to change to improve outcomes for people experiencing multiple disadvantage in the following areas:

• Health Inequalities
• Domestic Abuse and Complex Needs
• Criminal Justice and Repeat Offending
• Treatment Pathways and Coexisting Conditions
• Unsupported Temporary Accommodation
• Repeat Removals of Children into the Care System

Who is this event for?

We welcome all of those who have a passion for social justice, co-production, partnership working and a belief that there are new ways of working that can be unlocked and discovered. Further opportunities for more tailored in-depth discussion, learning and engagement will also be presented during the event.

Should you have any queries about the event please contact Emily Page, Systems Change Project Assistant, at emily.page@sefulfillinglives.org.uk

Click here to find out more about Fulfilling Lives South East. 


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