Slavery Still Exists – Brighton Komedia Film, A Women Captured

On behalf of Sheffield Documentary Festival, Brighton Komedia is showing a documentary about anti-slavery on Monday 29 October at 8.30pm, A Woman Captured.  The film will follow with questions and answers and BHT’s Chief Executive, Andy Winter, will talk of the work of BHT’s Immigration Legal Service. 

Directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, the filmmaker came across a Hungarian woman called Eta who was proud and completely unashamed of keeping domestic slaves. She was happy for the film crew to document them as long as they weren’t alone with the workers she was exploiting. The filmmaker nonetheless managed to build trust with Marish and the film focuses on her, the psychological and physical abuse she suffers and the results of her friendship with the filmmaker.  For the trailer and  booking details please click here.

This film will give people an insight into anti-slavery, a hidden subject that many people are unaware of.  Advice and representation is provided by specialist solicitors and caseworkers to those who are financially eligible for Legal Aid at our Immigration Legal Service.  We represent clients at all stages of the asylum process, and in bail, trafficking or domestic violence cases, from the initial application to appeals before the first tier and the upper tribunal. We also represent clients in applications for judicial review in the upper tribunal and administrative court in all areas of asylum and immigration law.

Andy Winter, Chief Executive of BHT.


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