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Route One

The team at Route One provide one-to-one and group support within a flexible range of two to eight hours a week as well as accommodation to 60 adults with mental health and complex needs, including dual diagnosis.

The service provides a dynamic, flexible approach to supporting people with mental health and complex needs, incorporating the recovery model, trauma informed care and working within a psychological informed framework.

We are a well-established and well respected service within Brighton and Hove, largely due to our expertise and experience in supporting clients to achieve independence, and for the positive outcomes achieved throughout the service.

As a specialist mental health service, Route One works closely and effectively with Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, including East and West Recovery Teams, Community Rehabilitation Team, Assertive Outreach Team, Early Intervention Team and the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team.

These partnerships are invaluable as they enable people to experience a comprehensive package of support which supports their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as maximising their opportunities to live more independently in the future.

Our aim at Route One is to provide intensive support and accommodation to enable clients to move on to independent living within two years.

Route One empowers clients through one-to-one and group support to enable them to develop life-skills, maintain their tenancies and to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

We work within the wellbeing model, which focuses on all areas of life and enables clients to become fully integrated members of the community. This includes areas such as mental and physical health, social inclusion, and work and learning.

The core hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and on weekends from 10am to 6pm whereby two staff members are based at Dorset Gardens to provide crisis support and phone support to all clients.

Route One housesThe project offers a variety of accommodation:

  1. Carlisle Road: 14 self-contained flats.
  2. Aymer Road: 14 self-contained flats.
  3. Bear Road: six self-contained flats.
  4. Westbourne Gardens: one self-contained flat and four units of shared accommodation.
  5. Sackville Gardens: one self-contained flat and four units of shared accommodation.
  6. Chelwood Close: five units of shared accommodation.
  7. Dorset Gardens: six units of shared accommodation.
  8. Belle Vue Gardens: five units of shared accommodation. Specialist women-only Service.

All new referrals are made via the Mental Health Placement Officer who can be contacted by calling 01273 293804.

Contact details

Manager: San Sehjal

Deputy Manager: Jennifer Manners

27-29 North Street, Brighton BN1 1EB

01273 929470

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Real Life Story - AK

AK moved into a Route One studio flat in 2011. He had a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, the symptoms of which dominated his waking moments, and negatively impacted on his quality of life.

He experienced mood swings which would last for hours, days or weeks, and would lead to depression, social isolation, and debilitating anxiety. His mental ill-health was characterised by staying in his room with the blinds drawn, eating only take-way food, not meeting his support worker, staying in bed, and not taking care of his personal hygiene, or personal space.

AK would not feel able to communicate his situation to staff for fear of the embarrassment this would cause. On most days, he would experience daily panic attacks, which would result in him vomiting and retching for significant periods of time. He would feel depression, guilt, shame, anger (usually at himself), and self-loathing which historically had led to self-injury and suicidal ideation.

With a gentle, patient and sensitive approach, his support worker learned that what AK wanted was a sense of self-belief, to feel a connection to the world around him, to give his life some kind of structure, and to begin to feel a sense of belonging and purpose. Knowing this led to a support plan being developed, which focused on his core aspirations. As a result of this, and building up a trusting relationship with Route One staff, he continued to take tentative but significant strides towards achieving these aspirations.

Mental health
  1. Historically AK found it impossible to be honest about how he was really feeling. He has now learned to be completely open and honest with staff he is familiar with, which has enabled him to achieve his goals and aspirations with staff support.
  2. AK has developed a significant ‘tool bag’ of CBT therapies which he uses daily to great effect- these include focussing on the ‘now’, Mindfulness, and concentrating on what he has, rather than what he hasn’t.
Self-care, Relationships and Use of time
  1. Overcoming his fears, AK has attended Route One activities on a regular basis- including walks, badminton, tennis, bowls, fishing and bike rides. AK now goes for walks regularly and has bought himself a bike which he enjoys using on the coastal cycle path.
  2. AK has had periods of using drugs and drinking heavily to manage his emotional issues. He has now been drug free for some time and manages his drinking to a manageable level.
  3. Despite having had a paralysing fear of dentists since he was a child, AK has for the first time as an adult successfully engaged on a course of dental treatment in 2016/17.
  4. Once supported to overcome his fears AK is now a committed and regular participant in group and therapeutic activities including courses at the Recovery College. He volunteers with the RSPCA, and aims to volunteer at the Dog’s Trust.
  5. AK has reconnected with his parents and sees them regularly.

Following intensive and consistent support from Route One, AK has built the foundations of a real recovery, and has clear prospects of a brighter and more independent future.

He always worried about moving on from Route One, yet with support and encouragement (for example to achieve positively contributing status), he has just moved successfully into an independent flat in Hove, through Homemove.

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