Information for Placement Providers

Are you interested in providing opportunities to those that need it? Would you like to support your local community in helping people back into work and improving their employability? The EPS Programme at BHT Sussex could help you with this.

Benefits of becoming a placement provider

  • Staff development: Mentoring individuals on work experience offers an excellent opportunity to develop staff management capabilities including leadership, management, and supervisory skills.
  • Supporting the local community: Providing work experience opportunities helps to tackle the issues of barriers to employment, supporting the local community.
  • Gaining a fresh perspective: Hosting can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the organisation, which can help to drive innovation and growth.

  • Promoting a positive message: By offering work experience placements, an organisation sends a positive message about their values.
  • Promoting workforce diversity: Offering work experience placements can help promote workforce diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for people from a range of backgrounds to gain valuable skills and experience.
  • Exploring new recruitment opportunities: Providing work experience placements can be a way to explore talent that the employer may not have considered otherwise, potentially leading to recruitment opportunities in the future.

Selection of trainees

We understand the importance of pairing people with placements that align with their interests and capabilities. Our dedicated ESP Programme Coordinator takes the time to carefully match each trainee with a suitable placement, based on their unique skills and aspirations.

Once a potential placement has been identified, we will provide the trainee with a detailed role description and arrange an informal interview with the placement provider's manager. This interview serves as an opportuni

ty for both the individual and the provider to assess the suitability of the placement and get to know each other better.

If the placement is accepted by both parties, we work closely with the trainee and the provider to finalise details such as start dates, hours, and days. Our aim is to ensure that each trainee is placed in an environment where they can thrive and develop their skills, setting them up for success in their future careers.

Support offered

We provide our trainees with comprehensive training before they begin their role, helping them to be prepared to work in a professional environment. We also collect references and perform DBS checks if relevant to the role.

All our trainees are assigned a dedicated mentor who is responsible for providing guidance and support throughout the placement and providing a thorough induction. We provide training for these mentors, ensuring that they fully understand their role in the programme and can provide the best possible guidance and support.

Our ESP Programme Coordinator also plays a vital role in supporting the placement process. As the main point of contact for trainees and placement providers, the Coordinator is dedicated to ensuring that each placement runs smoothly and that all parties are satisfied with the experience. They remain in regular contact with both the trainee and the placement provider throughout the placement.

How to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in this programme, please contact the ESP Programme Coordinator using the contact details below, to discuss the opportunities you may be able to offer.

Our participant was enthusiastic and brought a lot of energy and ideas to the role. The whole experience was of great benefit to our clients and staff.”

- Placement provider

Contact Us

01273 645435

Matilda Van Orden - ESP Programme Coordinator
144 London Road, Brighton. BN1 4PH

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