Staff Profiles

Brodie Hall

Operational Manager, Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service

Prior to working with BHT Sussex I had worked mainly in nursing homes and operating theatres, with a brief stint printing people’s photos and making their fun photo gifts in Snappy Snaps.

I worked my first shift at BHT Sussex in 2004, as an agency worker in one of our mental health projects. I liked the work and the people, so left the employment agency and applied for a mental health support worker role, which I did for 11 years. In 2016, I moved on to another BHT Sussex mental health project as deputy manager, then carried on there as operational manager for a further 5 years. I then chose to try something a bit different so was seconded to another project as Career Coach supporting economically inactive people into work and learning. I am currently manager of our Homes for Ukraine Sustainment Service.

Ian Wilson

Senior Manager of Mental Health Services

I’ve worked in support and social care since graduating. I’m of the mind that all people deserve fair treatment, the opportunity to thrive, and to feel safe and supported. I’ve worked in care homes, supported living, community outreach, homelessness services, and mental health services. I’m passionate about mental health as it captures the diversity of us all, and because recovery is underpinned by compassion, kindness and understanding which are all values I hold in high esteem. BHT Sussex put people at the centre of the services that they provide, and so I’m very happy to be working in mental health in such a person-centred and compassionate organisation.

Shelley Reed

Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive

I have worked at BHT Sussex for 11 years, 9 years as PA to the Chief Executive, and previous to that, 2 years as a receptionist at head office. Prior to working at BHT Sussex, I worked in a very much corporate environment, in a sales support role in London. I was keen to move back to Sussex and do something completely different and was immediately drawn to the work of BHT Sussex. I was blown away by the variety of support that BHT Sussex offers to clients and tenants.

BHT Sussex really opened my eyes up into how vulnerable some people’s lives can be, and how easy it could be for people’s lives to spiral. The more I found out about what each service does the more inspired I have been. BHT Sussex has grown so much and continues to grow, it is great to work for an organisation that has aspirations to make big changes. I have never worked with such a passionate, supportive and inclusive team. As a PA to the Chief Executive, I really get to hear and see what is happening across the organisation, and enjoy supporting the Chief Executive in making positive changes.

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