Shore House provides accommodation and support for people with multiple and complex needs.  That means they will have a combination of alcohol and drug addictions, mental health problems, and other chaotic or destructive behaviours.  Often they will have experienced repeated trauma throughout their lives.

Mo moved to Shore House after being discharged from Mill View Hospital.  Before her hospital admission she had been evicted from three services for violence, aggression, and causing extensive damage to her room.

She had a history of being street homeless and she displayed various anti-social behaviours including urinating and defecating in gardens, damaging cars, shouting verbal abuse, and making allegations of assault and rape when attempts were made to remove her from private property.

Mo had a history of violence towards staff, anti-social behaviour, and substance misuse issues.  She declined all formal engagement with mental health services and was extremely paranoid when we first met her.

Despite all previous patterns, because of the skilled and sensitive approach taken by our staff, Mo responded well to the support offered at Shore House, and has addressed her alcohol use and is attending regular meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

She has developed and maintained an open and honest dialogue about her mental health with her Support Worker, and she accepts support and suggestions, including using Emotional Freedom Technique (a simple form of self-administered therapy), and is doing this every morning to start her day.

She attends monthly Bi-Polar UK meetings, takes her medication as prescribed, and uses her time meaningfully by volunteering at Shelter and Oxfam charity shops every week.  Mo has built her social networks by participating in in-house groups, house meetings and attending Mind’s GROW project.

She has successfully maintained her tenancy, and makes regular rent payments.

Given that Mo was street homeless prior to her hospital admission, she has adapted incredibly well to living in and maintaining a self-contained flat within Shore House. The level of support and the specialisms of the support staff have offered Mo the opportunity to make very significant, positive changes in her life.

She has seized these opportunities with both hands.  All staff who knew Mo before she moved into Shore House, and who have seen her since, have reported feeling pleasantly surprised by her considerable and sustained achievements.
Note: The life stories shared in these case studies are real. The names and photos have been changed to protect identities.

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