Maintaining employment whilst being insecurely housed is difficult and can have a negative impact on someone’s mental wellbeing. Our Accommodation for Work project was set up to help people like Zehra, who came to us whilst in emergency accommodation.

Zehra was forced to leave her family home due to her mother’s health issues and difficult dynamics in their relationship. Facing homelessness, she was placed into emergency accommodation before coming to the Accommodation for Work’s temporary shared accommodation.

Whilst this was happening, she was still working part-time as a support worker in a mental health hospital. Zehra found the job difficult as the residents had complex health issues that she did not feel equipped to handle.

Unfortunately, Zehra experienced an injury at work whilst supporting a patient. This resulted in two of Zehra’s fingers getting fractured. This injury made it difficult for her to use her hand, meaning Zehra was off work for 12 weeks while she healed.

In the meantime, Zehra decided to look for full time work and found a new job as a support worker in mental health supported accommodation. She really enjoyed the role and felt much more comfortable at work.

Zehra felt like the time spent in the Accommodation for Work project allowed her the space and time to find the right job for her, without worrying about losing earnings and possibly becoming homeless as a result.

After settling into her new job, Zehra and her support worker searched for more permanent housing options. Soon enough, she succeeded in finding a room in a shared house near work.

Zehra now has a job she enjoys, and a secure place to live.

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