Moving Home


The first step would be to register with your local authority as a homeseeker.

In Sussex, the local authorities and housing associations generally advertise the available properties on Sussex Homemove at

Sussex Homemove is an example of a choice-based lettings (CBL) scheme. CBL schemes allow tenants and new housing applicants to bid for properties they are interested in. Any available council or housing association properties are usually advertised on the website.

If you want to move to another area, please contact the local authority of the area directly.

Mutual Exchanges

A mutual exchange is when you swap your home with another tenant. You can swap your home with someone outside the area.

If you have an assured tenancy or are a fixed term tenant you have the right to carry out a mutual exchange.

You can exchange with either:

  • another BHT tenant
  • a tenant from another housing association
  • a local authority tenant

This can be a good option for tenants wanting to move who do not have very high priority on their local council waiting list.

Both tenants who want to swap must have our approval. You will normally only be able to swap your home if your rent is up to date and your home is in good order.

There are different options for you to find someone you wish to swap homes with. There is a national website called Home Swapper ( for tenants across the country who wants to do an exchange. You can also look at other internet services, adverts in local shops, newspapers or libraries.

If you move through a mutual exchange, you are responsible for checking the condition of your new home. You must ensure the property is at a standard that you are happy to move into and live in.

Please contact your Housing Officer for more information.

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