Moving into a new home can be a very stressful time. This section of the handbook gives you some information about arrangements you need to think about when you move into a new home.

It is important that you update the relevant services when moving to avoid losing money or putting your personal security at risk.

Who should I inform about my new address?

You should change your address details with the following:

  • your bank, building society or post office
  • the JobCentre Plus or Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • your employer
  • your doctor and dentist
  • any other services you use such as support workers, probation officers

How do I get my electricity and gas connected?

Gas connectionUnless your gas and electricity is included in your rent, you are responsible for these charges and for arranging their connection. You will need to call the current gas and electricity companies and register yourself as the new tenant.

If BHT are contacted by a utilities company about unpaid bills we will pass over your name and tenancy start date so that they can contact you directly.

On the day you move in you should take a reading of both the gas and electricity meters and provide this to your supplier. If you are unsure of how to take a meter reading, please contact your Housing Officer for advice.

If you do not know who the supplier is, you can find out by contacting the following companies:

Electricity - UK power networks on 0845 601 5467 Gas Meter point reference line on 0870 608 1524

You will need to know the full address and postcode of your new property before calling.

If you have a prepaid meter (key or card) which is in debt when you move into the property, you should ask the current supplier to clear this.

If your home has gas heating, you will also need to contact our contractor to get your boiler working on the day you move in. Their contact details can be found in the back of this handbook.

If you would like to compare gas and electricity prices and supplier tariffs for your home then Home Energy Switch provides a free, impartial and accredited energy comparison service.

Please go to the following website for more information -

What about my water supply?

water supplyIf there is a water meter at the property you will need to take a meter reading on the day you move in and provide this to your supplier.

In some areas we collect your water charges as part of your rent and pay the water company directly. You can check your tenancy agreement to see if this applies to you.

In all other cases you should contact the water company when you move in to have the supply put into your name.

The contact details for water suppliers can be found in the back of this handbook.

Who do I contact about Council Tax?

You are responsible for paying Council Tax and you must contact your local council to tell them your new address and who is living in your household.

If you have a low income, are unemployed or live alone, you may be eligible for a discount or support with paying the Council Tax.

Do I need contents insurance?

It is important that you have insurance otherwise your belongings are at risk.

If there is a fire, flood, storm damage or burglary, we will repair any damage to the property but will not meet the cost of replacing any of your furniture or belongings that are damaged or stolen.

There are many insurance providers and we advise you to contact various providers to get a quote for cover that is suitable for your needs and value for money.

Can I get help with buying furniture?

furnitureIf you need to get some furniture for your new home but are finding it too expensive, there are organisations and some charity shops that sell low cost, good quality second hand furniture.

You may also be eligible to apply for a grant from your local authority or another charitable organisation for help.

Please contact your Housing Officer for further information.

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