Moving Out

How do I end my tenancy?

You must tell us you are moving out to save yourself money. We require four weeks’ notice in writing (we can help you with this), starting on a Monday (unless you have a Fixed Term Tenancy), that you intend to move out.

Your Housing Officer will visit your property and carry out an inspection prior to you moving out. They will discuss any repairs that you need to carry out before you leave.

Before the end of your tenancy, you should ensure that all rent and service charges are up to date and provide a forwarding address for mail. Please return your keys to us no later than 12noon on the day your tenancy ends. If you don’t, you will be responsible for paying the rent until you do. You should leave the property secure, clean and must remove any personal belongings.

If BHT has to clean up, clear your belongings or do lots of repairs after you have left, you will be charged for this. Please do not abandon your tenancy without giving us the keys, even if you have not given four weeks’ notice in writing. This will save you any costs incurred for gaining entry and rent during the Notice to Quit period for abandoning your home We will pursue these costs.

Who else do I tell that I’m moving out?

As with moving in, you will need to inform any agencies or services you use that your address will be changing.

You will also need to take meter readings on the day you move out and give these to your utility providers.

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