Fire Safety

Brighton Housing Trust takes its responsibility for fire safety in its properties very seriously and ensures suitable systems are in place so that the alarm is raised quickly in the event of any fire incident.

As a tenant there are steps that you can take that will increase your safety in the event of an incident occurring:

Know Your Evacuation Plan

Notices are displayed by the fire call points, advising what to do in the event of an alarm sounding.

Familiarise yourself with the actions you should take, along with the location of the assembly point.

Know the Fire Evacuation Route

The best escape route is usually your normal way in and out of your home.

Familiarise yourself with any alternatives. Signs are in place to show the best routes to fire exits.

Do You Need Assistance Evacuating the Building

It is important that the fire brigade are aware of anyone who may have difficulties evacuating the building quickly or requires assistance to do so.

Please let your Housing Officer know if you feel this applies to you.

Keep Passageways Clear

Make sure communal corridors, staircases and fire escapes are kept clear of all obstructions.

Speak to your Housing Officer if you have any concerns.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be tested weekly

Preventing a Fire

Below are the most common causes of house fires along with the steps you can take to help prevent them occurring:


Switch off appliances at night and only buy appliances from trustworthy sources.

Kitchen Fires

Take extra care when cooking with oil and never leave it unattended.

Electrical Sockets

Do not use adapters to overload sockets and have no more than one plug in each socket.

Cigarettes and Candles

Stub out cigarettes properly and dispose of them appropriately.

Make sure candles are in a fireproof holder and don’t light them near children, pets, curtains or other fabric.


Put all rubbish in the bins provided.

Do not leave rubbish anywhere else.

Gas Appliances

If you have a gas boiler, make sure BHT’s gas maintenance supplier is given access to test it when required.

If the event of an emergency evacuation taking place, it is important to have up-to-date contact details for you to ensure that you are accounted for.

Therefore, if your telephone number changes, please inform your Housing Officer or amend these details yourself on Mytenancy.

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